Learn about ways you can help support the bay islands system and the Bay Islands Initiative! 

Learn about Bay Islands near your home or community

Oyster Shell Recycling

Eat at a participating shell recycling restaurant! And learn more about local oyster shell recycling efforts by Long Beach Township and The Littoral Society. 

Get Involved

Volunteer to restore and educate about clams and oystershttps://reclamthebay.org/the-clam-trail/

Safe boating

Reduce your boat speed when you are near natural marsh areas to keep them beautiful! Learn more about how to be a safer boater here. (Photo by Donald Tong)

Connect with Wildlife

Connect with local wildlife digitally or head outside! 

Barnegat Light Osprey Cam

 Wildlife Refuge

Visit a Park

Participate in a Clean Up

 Connect with local organizations that host regular clean ups.https://www.alolbi.org/beach-clean-ups